Specialist Engineering


A primary analysis task when designing aircraft landing gear is understanding retraction and extension performance to ensure that actuators and hydraulic supplies are sized adequately to meet the aircraft requirements. With more complex landing gears such as dual-brace gears, it is crucial to understand all of the analysis inputs and how they may affect retraction and extension.


A model of the landing gear can be created using MSC ADAMS or imported from a CAD model. For preliminary sizing MSC ADAMS can provide required actuator loads; however, as the design matures it becomes necessary to model the actuation system to a high degree of fidelity. For this purpose MSC ADAMS is used to model the multi-body dynamics of the landing gear structure, and the actuation system is modeled using MSC Easy5. The two models are then run in tandem (co-simulation), to provide accurate data on the performance of the system as a whole. Aerodynamic loads, joint friction and support structure deflections are all parameters typically studied to ensure robust performance of the landing gear system.




 2007-2018 Endeavor Analysis