Specialist Engineering


When routing hydraulic hoses and flexible conduit around kinematic joints, it is important to understand their behavior during the full range of motion of the joint to ensure that they are both the correct length to avoid over-stretching or pinching, but also short enough to avoid fouling against other components.


Physical mock-ups are one way to approach this problem, but these can be expensive and time consuming. An alternative is to create a digital mock-up. Endeavor can simulate the movement using CATIA V5 or Solidworks, but for complex routing such as with swivels and guide brackets, there is a better solution.


Using MSC ADAMS along with custom coding and geometry either imported from CAD software or created directly in MSC ADAMS, Endeavor can quickly iterate through all extremes of the mechanisms motion until an acceptable solution is reached.


The mechanism example below is a landing gear with a routing over the torque links.




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