Specialist Engineering



Multi-Body Dynamics

Using MSC Adams and Easy 5, Endeavor is proficient at simulating landing gear dynamic performance.  Areas of expertise include:


  • Ground Handling / Taxi / Rough Runway
  • Shock Strut  (Paper Drop) predictions
  • Landing Analysis
  • Shimmy Analysis
  • Retraction / Extension Analysis



Classical / Finite Element Analysis

Endeavor has developed methods to efficiently use FE and classical analysis in all phases of a landing gear project to attain weight and cost efficient solutions.

Thermal Analysis


An efficiently integrated landing gear is key to a successful aircraft design.  Endeavor integrators have in depth knowledge of hundreds of historical landing gear solutions.  This knowledge has and continues to allow Endeavor to communicate with the aircraft integrators to find the right overall solution for the aircraft.



  • Catia V5
  • Solidworks

The Endeavor team averages over 20 years of structural analysis experience in a variety of disciplines.





A good design starts with an accurate load set.  Endeavor have experience creating ground, internal and interface on a range of aircraft sizes.

Fatigue Analysis

Using Endeavor developed Fatigue Essentials software and decades of landing gear project experience, we can analyize the landing gear to minimize risk during qualification testing.



Crack Growth

Landing gear operate in a harsh environment.  Endeavor has decades of practical experience and a large lessons learned knowledge base that can make the difference between a successful design and one that requires unplanned in-service maintenance or modifications.


  • Corrosion Protection
  • Material Selection
  • Wear Coatings
  • Lubrication




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