Specialist Engineering


The Endeavor team averages 20 years of aerospace experience on a vast range of aircraft size and types.



Maintenance Repair and Overhaul


Endeavor engineers have many years of production MRB and structure maintenance repair and overhaul experience.



  • Structural Repairs
  • PMA Engineering
  • STC Support
  • Reverse Engineering

Structural Analysis


Endeavor's analysis capability covers all areas of aerospace structural analysis.  This capability is backed by decades of practical experience during the entire life cycle of an aircraft.


Landing Gear


Endeavor is a full service landing gear engineering company.




Detail Design


Although known as an analysis company, Endeavor offers a full service design capability using both CATIA V5 and Solidworks.  First hand knowledge in the following areas allow Endeavor's design and analysis engineers to work efficiently.


  • Corrosion Protection
  • Material Selection
  • Wear Coatings
  • Lubrication
  • Design for Manufacturing

Validation Testing


Only after participating in many projects can an analysis team be confident in accurately predicting the structural integrity of a product.  Endeavor participates in validation testing, from design and analysis of the test fixtures itself to coorelating the test results back to the analysis.

Recent Aerospace Projects


Airbus A350

Boeing 787

Cirrus SF50

Kestrel  K-350

SNC Dream Chaser

Sikorsky CH-53K

Sikorsky S-97

Sikorsky JMR

Sikorsky CH-148







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